Download Releases

We offer two different types of downloads:

  • Binaries (ExplorViz-v.*-all.zip)
    - Contains runnables for server (.war) and monitoring (.jar).
    - Can easiliy be applied on an application server like Apache Tomcat.
  • Sourcecode (v.*.zip/.tar.gz)

Latest Version

  Download ExplorViz 1.1.1

SHA256Sum (ExplorViz-v.1.1.1-all.zip): 491d78f7473ac4dd6e5e15538657acd43288f35e8480dcd2c16272873f22ecaf6

Previous Version

  Download ExplorViz 1.1.0

SHA256Sum: (ExplorViz-v1.1.0-all.zip)5d6f4912759c800ae805d93bc0ed71b2eea7003b1754730e1bb1b731a1e85a7c

Download Source Code

The source code for ExplorViz can be found at Github.

All our software is available under the Apache 2.0 license.