ExplorViz is an open source research monitoring and visualization approach, which uses dynamic analysis techniques to provide a live trace visualization of large software landscapes.


Today, we released version 1.1.1 of ExplorViz. It is the last version based on the old Google Web Toolkit (GWT) architecture. You can download it from the download section. In the next weeks, we release an up-to-date version based on the new architecture.

SSP '18
Our paper "Simplifying Software System Monitoring through Application Discovery with ExplorViz" has been accepted at the SSP 2018. A preprint can be fetched here.

Digitale Woche Kiel '18
We presented ExplorViz with our improved Virtual Reality approach at the local event "Digitale Woche Kiel 2018".
Exhibition visitors were able to check out our latest version in order to explore and understand a software system in VR.

EMLS '18
Our paper "On the Modernization of ExplorViz towards a Microservice Architecture" has been accepted at the EMLS 2018. A preprint can be fetched here.

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